Saturday, 30 April 2011

Changing routes again

OKAY. SO, I woke up then suddenly first thought was orthodontist came to my mind and says you must become that ;), weird rite? So, I told mama that I wanna be orthodontist and she says you sure its not going to be like fashion? *angkatkening*, yep pretty sure this time *determine*. I asked her between fashion, architecture and doctor which is easier to have a job and she says doctor cuz Malaysia still need more. So then I thought over and over and over and I've made up my mind and I'll shall become an orthodontist yayyy haha. 

I want fashion so bad that I forgot that I'd applied for Matrix haha. I was hoping so much that I got into Uitm but now err not so much since I blew up the interview haha xD. So about Matrix, I want to applied for Sains Fizikal but accidentally applied for Sains Hayat, since I didnt know what the heck both was so I followed Ieyra hahaha. And now my mistake I can still be a doctor, lucky me :) haha. My Bio was so bad I thought I never had a chance to do medic and I shouldnt let my fears take over and limit my options now should I? But hey I've got the chance so why blew that up? ;)

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