Monday, 2 May 2011

Labour Day

Ehh so yesterday went to see Mak Tok, she's flying off to Mekah today, rite now I think lah around it maybe haha. So yada yada see her, talk about Matrix and U yada yada, yep nampak sgt malas nak type sbb dah tak larat dah nak cite, why do I even write? Cuz I have THE TIME hahaha. Then, abah said "Jum p rumah tok lang", those words, those 4 little words, I could just die. and I said to myself ahh tamau p, but then boring ddk rumah paksu gahh p jalah, hope that bitch tadak. Then abah said "Ehh p siap cepat kita nak p suma", the heck? mmg terpaksa ayeyeye DEAD. IN front tok lang's house, if i see her i'm gonna kick her bitch ass away, and thank god she's not there, they just left hallelujah ! AWHSOMENATION ALERT ! haha. But then, there's always oh farida da drive smp sini da dgn kwn, oh cepat kan, oh farida nie oh farida tu, eh tak farida tgh tggu uitm, dia pun p interview. farida this, farida that I almost commite a suicide just hearing your name, IDGAF ABOUT YOU AT ALL DAMMIT ! erghh mcm ddk dlm hell kena dgr nama dia *sigh.

Then went to KLCC, by some lasagna for ashraf since he's craving it so much. And oh yeah I bought that book Think Of A Number ;) *happyfaceon* haha. I still havent finish those two books yet I bought another one, tamak gila kan? tapi tu buku kotttt my fav laaa haha.

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