Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Ahh my god, so effin tired yesterday. So I woke up early as usual, take a bath and eat and it was already 815am so I waited for 5 mins more before I head downstairs. 820am, I went down stairs and waited for him. 10mins passed still no sign of him and that stupid bangla kept on stared; imma give you fucked face to you fuckin bangla ! Then ayte he came THANK GOD, then change car. Hop on the van and voila arrived at Metro ;). And started drive about 30mins and he shove me off dudeeee wtf? Fine fine waited there with Ayu. Then Ayu got a car left me alone. Oh yeah I had to stand since there is no chairs left fuuuu. Yeah I hate sitting so I was foineeee haha. I walked here and there like loco yep, I think they stared at me and maybe said "WTF is wrong with that chic?" yeahh just maybe haha. After been roaming around tired of course lah kan, then put my by the pole like some crazy chic, my god wth is wrong with me haha. Just texted him and got a chair sat for about 5mins and he called and asked me to drive grr. At least the air cond was cool hee. Drive for about 15mins then off with me haihh. Went to cafe, for 1 hour and more haha, yeah I saw Eka and we chatted about the stupid QTI's haha. 

Next stop; Tailor's
I'm effin tired and I was about to install my new mp3 and mama said she's heading out to do baju kurung and she said she'll take me later and I said why later? now lah since I'm free. Then went out, drop Ashraf off and picked up Muzz's mum and went to mama's friend house. Said hi hi to her and then went to the tailor's; too much pit stops. Then hi hi laugh laugh and the tailor starts measured mama and me. Then baibai rain rain oh yessssss rain THANK YOUUUUU. 

Next stop; bed
Around 545pm arrived home, I was so so sooooooo sleepy, I barely can open my eyes. Around 6pm something I fall asleep until 930pm or was it 940pm like that heh, see I'm effin tired ;)

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