Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stop it lah pleasee

About what you asked? Yeah well its about my teacher he kept on calling me Nabilah; WHO THE FUCK IS NABILAH?! Tired as hell I've told him I'm Fatin and kept on calling me Nabilah like so;

Teacher; Nabilah dgn Ayu naik 4739
Me; Ckg, sy Fatin lah
Teacher; Yeah Fatin p naik sane. Ckg lupe lah haha
Me; *sigh
Ayu; haha
Teacher; Nabilah dgn Ayu p dekat kete sane ye
Me; WTF?!

Seeeeeeeeee, nowadays after that situation I really don't care he called me Nabilah anymore. 

So the first time I drove kete asyik mati so fineeeee bg Ayu bwk. Then dah nak balik ckg bg aku bwk one more time and tak mati dah bhahahaha, and he gave me a kiss so I was shocked but at that time cuz I kept on failing maybe thats why its a relief sign that I finally got the hang of it so I was okay with it. Then then next few class he said "Can you drive? I have to teach others." and I said "Sure", with a smiley face and he gave me a kiss again; EWWWWWWWW. Then last monday pun, I've passed the QTI thingy and he asked "Pass tak?", I said "Tah lahh", with sad face plus with blurness, and he saw passed and gave me more kisses; EWWWWWWWWWWWW. And I asked Ayu later that day if she got it too and she said NO, and now eeeeee ewwwwwww the fuckkkkkkk man?! Geli sial, naseb tggl brape class lg je, I'm so going to passed JPJ test AFSAP.

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