Saturday, 2 April 2011

Its like I was never there *sigh

About what this time? Its about my friends, old ones. Before I move to Damansara I lived in Kedah. I had so many friends, I still remember the last day before I moved here, they were all sad and said don't forget us, well now it looks you guys forgot me :(. O-so called friends forever was nothing but a bluff pffttt, stupid bitch. Don't mind my language please its my fucking blog I used any word as I pleased, if you feel offended well is it my problem that you can handle my fucked up mouth? No right? So basically I'm just lonely and I miss them but they don't even care any more yes thank you for being there all the time -__-. Of course some of them still contact with me like geral, tyca and aqilah but most of them add then never speak, bitch like wtf? If you're not going to talk to me might as well I delete you, no need to full my news feed with your fucked up life, because I don't wanna know bitch. If you're reading this just delete me already if I offend you, I don't give a fuck any more.

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