Saturday, 2 April 2011


Minggu nie mmg semua benda bodoh, even hidup aku pun bodoh. Dari hari Ahad mcm tu lagi start. Mula-mula start dgn pasal U tu, okay mmg lah tension pasal U, aku nak yg lain parents aku paksa aku buat yg lain, mmg fuck lah, nie hidup aku pahal nak kena ikut korg pulak. God gives all of us one life to live how we want too, so don't live mine, I determined what I want to do with my fucking life dammit ! You had your life fulfilled now why the fuck are you living mine? DUDEEEEEEEEE ITS MY FUCKING LIFEEEEE !!! Yes, I do need some pointers and support but why won't you support in what I love to do ha? Is it so hard to support your fucking daughter?!

Then there was the people, stupid ones. Seeing those stupid people makes me wanna slaughter their fucking heads off erghh. Then the family, whom I love but today I hate them so much. I can't control my stupid fucking anger and now I'm blaming all of them, yeah try make me mad and you'll see how I deal with you and your stupid fucked up ass. 

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