Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today, I have my driving class with Ayu as usual. I was still sleepy around 8am so I told mama "Ma, can I skipped today please please pleaseee", she said NO. gahh fine fine. Then I asked again around 820am which I was supposed to go down and wait for the teacher to picked me up. I asked  mama again and she said "No no no, you have to go. You don't do anything just sat at home and doing nothing", and I said "Mama, I do Tumblr ayte, I'm freakin' busy like everyday". She said "You can Tumblr tomorrow and the day after, go go go" *closing the gate*. Ehh weird rite? Usually parents will asked you to stayed home but my mum asked me to go out and get some fresh air and see the world, wth? It's hard having a nice girl like me ayte? *perasan haha.

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