Wednesday, 30 March 2011


HOT. HOT. HOT. Yes today is friggin hot even the air cond doesn't feel. Got Yana as my partner for today yeahh we didn't talked much then I asked her name again since I forgot then we can stopped once started haha. Then meet Eka, my bebeh supp haha. Then, she starts bonding with Yana and Ayu but mostly with Yana since Yana has so many similarities with everyone, weird rite? It's a small world haha. The four of us laughed so hard that everyone stared at us, yeah none of us feels ashamed haha. I drove for 4 hours non-stop today, DUDE ! I'm friggin tired rite now ughh. Then came back home and called someone then talk and talk and talk for so long until I forgot I was hungry before haha. Yeah well that's today story ;)

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