Sunday, 27 March 2011

Out and About

Wake up at 7am and OMG so early, thank god I woke up easily haha. Went to Uitm for 'Ekspo Selangkah Uitm 2011' if not mistaken hehe. Its early in the morning of course I was sleepy. Listened to Hoobastank - The Reason and my god I was asleep for awhile, it was like "eh when did we got here? I thought we were still there", yes people my mind was blank for awhile and that kept on happened few times. After went into Uitm, parked the car and went into the main hall. We had to climb a small hill then pass through the stadium and up the stairs and my dad said "Nie dah bukan selangkah, nie dah byk langkah", haha rite? Ol'man, I know you're tired even when you try to deny ;). Then talked about the fashion and overall it took 15 - 30mins ONLY, like wtf dude? SOOOOOOOOOOO not worth it but at least I got to see how the U looks like ;)

Next stop; OU. 
I sat beside abah and I asked a lot of questions and I mean A LOT haha. Some of the question I never got the answer so it was pretty much like I was talking to myself grr. I kept on talking and talking and talking until we reached OU. I'M NOT TIRED TALKING, amazing ayte? haha.

Went inside and bought SUPER SKINNY JEANS, HOMAYGOD ! Its pretty hee but but its not that tight gahhh Imma skinny ass erghh, I think I'm gonna stick to super slim hee, nice, tight, jeans. haha. 

Lunch; had lamb chop and ice blended chocolate, I know I know too many fats, calories and carbs ayte but it was yummmyyyyyyyyy and IDGAF hahahaha.

Errr I think I typed too much and no one will read it so Imma stop now, later dudes and dudettes ;)

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